FAQ (Toogle)

Is there life on Mars?

NASA has just landed the rover “Curiosity” on Mars, and ISRO is sending a (yet-to-be-named) spacecraft in 2013 which will orbit Mars and transmit data from Mars to us. Among the various issues that these ships want to interrogate on/in Mars is the question of whether the red planet harbours life forms in it.

People have long fantasized on extraterrestrial life and even Martian equivalent of humans. Sci-fi books and movies play on this theme. Even Clarke’s own book title above paraphrases such aliens greeting us humans on earth.

Were americans on the moon?

“How can the flag be fluttering?” the 47 year old American kept asking himself when there’s no wind on the atmosphere free Moon? That moment was to be the beginning of an incredible Space odyssey for the self- taught engineer from New Jersey.

He started investigating the Apollo Moon landings, scouring every NASA film, photo and report with a growing sense of wonder, until finally reaching an awesome conclusion: America had never put a man on the Moon. The giant leap for mankind was fake.

Is yeti real?

The existence of a giant, apelike monster, alternately known as Bigfoot, the Abominable Snowman, Sasquatch, et cetera, has long been scoffed at and dismissed as a hoax. However, an international team of scientists say the mythical beast is real and roaming the furthest reaches of Russia.

Are free masons real?

Yes, although it’s Freemasons. Also Freemasons don’t worship in anything in Lodge so not devel or devil.

Asking question like this will draw out the religious intolerants, like Chris, who likes bleat they he knows everything and yet he is not a member and has no idea what he is talking about.

Is saddam hussein really dead?

Saddam was hanged on the first day of Eid ul-Adha, December 30, 2006, despite his wish to be shot (which he felt would be more dignified).[47] The execution was carried out at “Camp Justice,” an Iraqi army base in Kadhimiya, a neighborhood of northeast Baghdad. The execution was videotaped on a mobile phone, showing Saddam being taunted before his hanging. The video was leaked to electronic media, becoming the subject of global controversy